Implicit to my teaching is an abiding belief that good teaching is about connections and relational moments. Connecting with students’ interests and backgrounds plays out when I discuss histories, lineages, and foundational concepts within literacy studies. Connecting with texts that shifted the field of literacy studies by scholars like Shirley Brice Heath, Brian Street, Gunther Kress, Cynthia Lewis, Anne Haas Dyson, Jackie Marsh, Ernest Morrell and many others strongly influences my undergraduate, graduate and teacher education work.



Graduate: Brock University
An Introduction to Educational Research – EDUC 5P92
Fall 2017

Teacher Education: Brock University
P/J Language Arts and Literacy (Year 2) – EDBE 8P42
Fall 2016

Graduate: University of Alberta
Special Seminar Lecture B1 – Studies in New Literacies – EDEL 496
Summer 2016

Graduate: Brock University
Understanding 21st Century Literacy: New Digital & Design Literacies – EDUC 5V14
Spring 2014

Teacher Education: Brock University
P/J Language Arts with Dr. Diane Collier (co-taught course)
Winter, 2014

Digital Literacies with Dr. Cheryl McLean, June 19th - 26th – Rutgers University

Topics in English Education: Incorporating New Literacies, Jan. - May 2010 – Rutgers University

Issues of Diversity in Language and Literacy, Jan. - May 2010 – Rutgers University

Documenting Multimodal Literacies September 2006 - December 2006 – Rutgers University

Secondary Preservice Teaching: School & Society – OISE/University of Toronto 2004-2005

Teacher Education Seminar with Judy Blaney –  2003-2004

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Literacy, Language, and the School Curriculum - Summer 2003 – OISE/University of Toronto